Maximise profitability

by tapping into your

introvert superpowers

Profitability Focus

While money may not be the driving force behind what you do, struggling to stay afloat does eat away at your confidence and business sustainability in the long term.

Profitability can mean that you have -

  • A comfortable surplus in your bank account
  • A system which once set up keeps silently working for you
  • The opportunity to work with your most loved clients
  • Objective validation of the value you bring to others (admit it - it does feel nice!)
  • An ability to invest in other ambitious and exciting projects, or simply
  • Better sleep (let's not underestimate that)!

This can't be achieved without effort, but working hard has never been your problem. 

The Profitability for Introverts program will ensure it is the type of work you find much easier to do.

The Profitability for Introverts program creates this exact pathway. This six-month mentoring program will take you through a process of identifying and implementing strategic profit-focussed activities and develop a blueprint to keep these going into the future.

Introverts are smart. If we're going to work hard at something, it may as well be something that has a solid backing and makes sense.

That's why the program focuses on just two things.

Increasing Customer Lifetime Value through identifying opportunities for retention. Not just because it is the quickest path to profitability, but because for introverts there is the ease factor of working with people we already know.

Profitability. More income, leads or work do not necessarily equate to profitability, and as a micro or solo business owner you understand that more work is not necessarily better.

Profitability is.

Best of all, we will tap into doing exactly the things you LOVE.

  • deeper interactions with meaningful conversations
  • thoughtfulness in creating new offerings
  • digging deep into your clients' needs and desires
  • slow and steady marketing over frenetic and showy
  • working with your deep sense of integrity about genuinely wanting, needing to help your clients.

It is this very desire for deeper interactions and connections and meaningful work which will start to work for you.

Retention Makes Its Case

Customer Lifetime Value is one of the metrics used to value a business and to plan for profitability.

The science is on your side.

I call it the 'science of retention' but the numbers speak for themselves. These are not marketing sound bites but well established studies. Here is what they have found ...

  • 80% of your revenue will come from just 20% of your customers
  • It costs 5x more to acquire new customer than to keep existing ones
  • Reducing churn (of existing clients) by 5% increases profits between 5-25%
  • The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70% vs 5-20% to a prospect and
  • Repeat customers spend 33% more than new customers

By combining working with your strengths with the science of retention, you will be able to move beyond the appearance of a successful business, to a business which generates profit with ease. 

Your business will no longer have a sense of struggle where you worry that things will fall apart as soon as you take your foot off the pedal.

You really can grow your profits through working to your introvert strengths, and by identifying your path of least resistance.

How It Works

Profitability For Introverts  is a 3 + 3 month mentoring program which will take you through a process of identifying and

implementing profit focussed activities specific to you and your business.

Discovery & Baseline

When it comes to profitability, measurement is important.

Equally important is a deep understanding of you, your specific strengths (we're not all the same) and your offering.

Option Exploration

Once we have some figures, and I have an understanding of you, your clients and your business, we will brainstorm a whole range of possible options for consideration.

Rating Matrix & Selection Process

As exciting as it is to now have a range of things you can't wait to do, we need to rate these options against our profitability and execution criteria.

We want to choose an area which will have the most impact.


Every business success story starts with ensuring you are providing value.

We unpack this at a granular level, so you are clear about your 'promise', and know how to articulate it.

3 month intensive + 3 months with trainer wheels

Months 1 - 3  [13 weekly 1:1 sessions]

  • We work through the 4 stages of Discovery/Baseline, Option Exploration, Option Rating + Selection and Create an Implementation plan.
  • We meet via zoom weekly for 50 mins, and set the next week's goals. You can access support in between.
  • You decide the days and hours outside of the sessions that you will commit to the program and lock these in. Yes - this is serious action-taking & accountability.
  • We plan goals and outcomes based on the amount of hours outside the sessions you are able to commit to working on the program, so expected progress matched to the time you put into it.

Months 4 - 6 [Implementation Support, 6 fortnightly 1:1 sessions]

  • You implement the plan with fortnightly top up sessions.
  • You can access implementation support

You can access up to 10 implementation hours (you can top up more if required) to help with things you don't know how to do (or don't want to do).


Is this program right for you?

As this is a program based on profitability, you need to have a base of existing customers - it is not suitable for a start up where your primary focus is on getting new leads. It is ok to also want more new leads of course! Feel free to have a chat to see if you have enough clients for this program to be suitable.

While the program is designed for service-based businesses or practices, the principles and skills are transferrable to any business. If you  sell products and like the sound of this program, let's have a talk. We can see if there is enough value for you and your specific business in this program.

Do you have time for implementation? If you only have time for the weekly sessions, you will become more educated and feel supported, but we are unlikely to move achieve significant results. Ideally you would have a minimum of 3 hours per week in addition to the weekly session to devote to implementing the work.

Openness to feedback & willingness to take action.

Do I have to be an introvert?

This program focuses on profitability, client/customer retention and working to your strengths. If you feel your business needs you to channel your inner introvert, then you are welcome to join. 

What is your guarantee?

This program is a 6 month program. At the one month mark, you have participated fully, and do not feel you are getting more value than what you are paying for, you will get a full refund. 

If you have not done your part, we simply end the program at the one month mark (if you have paid for the program in advance, you get the balance returned).

What is the cost of the program?

The program cost is $6,600 (inc gst), paid in 6 monthly payments of $1100 (incl gst).

If Paid Upfront, a $1000 discount is applied - $5500 (inc gst).

What do I do next?

If this program sounds like it may help you, then the next step is for us to have a talk. You need to get an opportunity to see if you feel you want to embark on this 6 month intensive with me, and I need to see if I believe the program would be of value . Your business also needs to be at a stage where a retention focus can have a significant impact, and that is what I will be wanting to be certain of before we start.

If after talking program is not the right fit, I will most likely be able to refer you to someone or to a program which is a good alternative.

You can book a time to chat to me right here.

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